GBC 4 All – Cup to Cup Module

Let’s have some official GBC LEGO Sets!
Great Ball Contraptions can be found all around the world, created by dedicated LEGO fans. With the “GBC 4 All” project I’m presenting some GBC modules that were specifically created for LEGO Ideas.

It’s something you got to see in action

Main Idea
In order to get GBC modules to be official LEGO sets I propose that modules should be able to work standalone and linked to other modules. Linked means that balls are received form one module and will be passed on to another module. Standalone means that balls are only looping within the module. This way it’s possible to start by getting just one module.

Further I focused on creating modules that have a reasonable, smaller size basically to make them feasible for LEGO Ideas.

About the Model
This GBC module is based on the Cup to Cup principle than can be found in the well-known GBC modules by Akiyuki (

The build is a combination of traditional and technic bricks, which is quite common for Great Ball Contraptions. The main challenge for me was basically to bring the size down to the base size I had in mind, which is 16 by 32 studs. In order to achieve this small size I developed a customized inbox dispenser with a fitting lift arm and feeding track. This model is composed of around 630 pieces.

The Module is powered by a LEGO M-Motor but also can be operated by the hand crank option easily. It’s actually interesting to operate the module by hand in standalone mode. So the motor and battery box don’t have to be included into the set. The Power Functions Tuning-Set (8293) would be an option to motorize this set.

Why did I build this model?
It’s human nature to observe movement. It gives us insights about how things in our surrounding environment evolve. To watch machines in their working state, especially with process logic, also falls in that category. I’m curious where this project can lead us, having Great Ball Contraptions as official LEGO sets.

Why would it be a good LEGO set?
Great Ball Contraptions are great and very, very LEGO-ish. They are creative, fascinating and fun to watch. This GBC module has a reasonable size, can work on its own and also in conjunction with other modules. It’s something for people who are already into GBC and it’s also for people who want to get into this. It’s something for teenagers and adult fans but also for parents, who want to build and explore together with their kids. It gives us the opportunity to communicate GBC to a broader audience as well.

Here are some things that are not part of the core idea for this project: The actual size and colors of the model are not fixed in my mind. The idea is much more to have something that looks nice and has basically a reasonable size. The building techniques used in this model may also change. For example this could be much more of a LEGO technic model than it is now.

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